2013 Melbourne Design Awards - Deadlines

1 August - Entries CLOSE
11 August - Extended close date
19 August - Judging
27 August - Finalists announced
23 September - Voting closes
23 October - Awards Night
2013 Melbourne Design Awards

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Photo Credit : TonyMott.com.au and Pete Johnson

PM24 Identity


Project Overview

After opening and operating several successful high-end restaurants in Melbourne, The Press Club Group wanted to open a French Bistro to be run by acclaimed French Chef Philippe Mouchel. CIP was engaged to create the brand, follow through to design and produce any associated printed collateral and signage.

Project Commissioner

George Sykiotis

Project Creator

CIP Creative

Project Team

Pete Johnson, AJ Storen, Meredith Earls

Project Brief

The brief for PM24 from the Press Club Group was to create a modern interpretation of the classic French bistro. The client was keen to present a sophisticated identity but at the same time not over complicate the dining experience.

Project Innovation / Need

At PM24 we tried to create an identity that was more like a flavour for tasting rather than an icon or logo. The food is what customers come for, particularly as chef Philippe Mouchel is world renowned. We responded with a refined solution, sprinkling the identity around like seasoning while maintaining core strengths through a bold aesthetic.

Design Challenge

The major design challenge with this project was to create a sophisticated identity that drew inspiration from traditional French Bistro aesthetics but portrayed them in a modern manner.

Traditional and Modern don’t tend to go hand in hand and a traditional French bistro is generally a relaxed venue that is not too complex in its design.


With our sources we were able to find the majority of products and supplies including printing, and signage components from within Melbourne. This kept the costs under control and ensured maximum use of local sourcing. CIP always look to use recycled, or at least carbon neutral paper stocks in its projects, Chef Philippe shared our intentions and insisted on using recycled paper.