2013 Melbourne Design Awards - Deadlines

1 August - Entries CLOSE
11 August - Extended close date
19 August - Judging
27 August - Finalists announced
23 September - Voting closes
23 October - Awards Night
2013 Melbourne Design Awards

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Photo Credit : Tony Miller Photography, Aaron Pocock photography, gollings photography.

Newton Kerr + Partners Brand Identity


Project Overview

As cost consultants and quantity surveyors — everything NK+P do is defined by a number.
They're the accountants of the construction industry… where to from here!

Project Commissioner

Newton Kerr + Partners
Stephen Kerr, Murray Hamilton, Jamin Crawley

Project Creator

Square Circle Triangle

Project Team

Creative Director: Brad Smith
Copywriter: Brad Smith
Designer: Brad Smith & Melanie Yencken
Account Team: Brad Smith & Paul Wilson
Digital Designer: Brad Smith, Melanie Yencken, Eiran Cooper
Technical Director: Nick Marfleet
Programmer: Nathan Davis, Eiran Cooper

Project Brief

Conservative, the voice of reason, intelligent — charismatic yet a little bit nerdy! We embraced the characteristics of Lisa Simpson in developing a "measured" approach to brand development. This fantastic metaphor of character allowed our pendulum to swing between seriousness and humour across copywriting and design.

Project Innovation / Need

Defined by a number — everything is "measured" in approach, intelligent in execution and, at times, a appropriately humorous*. The brandmark double-underscores 35 experience, and a strength in partnership among business and clients that provides awareness, resonance and warmth.
See coffee cups and expo banners.

Design Challenge

We had to develop a voice that spoke to architects, builders, project managers, schools, councils, aged care providers, banks and property developers — clients spanning many sectors — each looking to procure a 'cost consultant' who understands their project vision and can deliver outcomes that meet budget and exceed imagination.

Evoke quality with economy.
Imagination with conservatism.
Professionalism with a sense of charisma.


Creation of a digital supply chain (website, electronic direct mail, digital templating) all contributed to a reduced requirement for print production in stationery and brochure. That said — a lovely 20pp brochure was still required to further demonstrate an appropriate regard for quality and creativity that only the tactile can deliver.