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Design institute of Australia 6 x 6 Speaker Night

Graphic Design - Illustration and Type


The Top 10x10 series is a fast paced, informative, showroom-based forum that attracts over 200 professional designers each year. Top 6x6 was held at Space Furniture's spectacular showroom in Richmond, facilitating both the social and educational aspects of the event. The theme for Top 6x6 was 'Design Icons'. Six of Australia's leading designers presented a personal selection of six of their favourite designs and the reasons for their choice. They could be environments, objects, graphics or experiences.


Project Otherwise

Graphic Design - Illustration and Type

- Winner 

Project Otherwise is a network of ideas about living otherwise that will lead to a sustainable future. This network brings young and enthusiastic people together online and in person to make the connections that help bridge the gap between these ideas and action. It is our goal to connect social entrepreneurs, eco-visionaries, cultural pioneers and curious individuals to knowledge, skills, projects and initiatives that will enable individuals to live better with less.