Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

BigPond Shopping

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

To redesign the BigPond Shopping online eCommerce store located at The redesign was to refresh the visual look and feel across the site and introduce an improved user experience.

Project Team


Telstra Media - BigPond Shopping Team
Tracey Grimson


Telstra Media
BigPond Shopping Team

Symplicit: Jodie Moule, Jon Schneider, Silvia Sanchez, Chloe Bloem, Eleanor Tan.
MMG: Alistair Wardlaw, Joe DiStefano, Antt Owen, Mark Proghoulis, Brandon Ly, Richard Levy, Chris Follett.
Shoppers Advantage: Trevor Abbott

Project Brief

• improved user experience when seeking desired information and products
• increase sales and conversions
• increase promotional real estate on our home and product pages & generally expose more of the core catalogue
• simplify registration process

Project Brief
The site had already been operational and functioning for a number of months. The results to date had been better than expected with visitors at over 150,000 per month, healthy ‘time-on-site’ figures, and very attractive conversion rates.

The system managed over 20,000 items in dynamic categories. User Testing identified issues with finding products and the lack of refinement tools. The payment process was also identified as being confusing.

Employed to undertake these enhancements were Symplicit (Design and User Experience), MMG Interactive (Design, UI, Development and system integration), Shoppers Advantage (Product Inventory management and fulfilment).

Project Innovation / Need

The outcome from 16 research sessions highlighted the following:
• enable Users to better manage the way they flowed through the site from product discovery through to purchase
• allow BigPond to better manage Sales Promotions across the site
• allow Users to refine long lists of search-results on the page and as they searched

One of the main enhancements was the shift in control. The new design allowed Users to feel more in control of the products that appeared on the page with a list of refinements that could be managed easily and helped Users arrive at the products they were searching for.

Design Challenge

The main challenge was to take the considerable product catalogue and make it appear to be easy to navigate through, from a User point of view. The aim was:
• make the Catalogue and the site appear dynamic and responsive to a User’s input
• provide a sense of moving forward and always closer to the object desired
• provide multiple doorways to a product such as relevant promotional areas that house related products (Back to School, Mother’s Day, Digital Deals, etc)
• present clearer detail-pages with associated related products, top sellers, similar products etc


The entire process is conducted online so there is little if any waste products created from the site. This is further enhanced with fulfilment where the entire process can be followed without the need to print order details for BigPond to keep a history.

All that needs to be printed is Tax Receipt and delivery docket that are added to the delivery item.