Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

Tabcorp Birdcage Marquee

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

Evoking a Miami beach club theme, the Tabcorp Birdcage Marquee combines white lining boards juxtapose bright coloured furnishings to portray an exuberant environment for the spring carnival.

Project Team


Gary Boschen


Mim Design
Miriam Fanning

Miriam Fanning
Felicity Watts
Kimberley Wiedermann

Project Brief

The Tabcorp Birdcage marquee embodied a stylish, fresh, and theatre ambience. The emphasis on using crisp white textural elements against the bright coloured furnishings exemplifies a fresh and entertaining backdrop to the frivolity and excitement experienced throughout the spring racing carnival. Glamour was portrayed through the abundance of opulent fabrics and flowers throughout the marquee. The innovative “flower wall” was a play on texture, light and shadow while keeping a clean fresh look. The movement of colour throughout the herringbone parquetry of the dance floor was to encourage patrons to boogie. Attention to detail through custom details ensured Tabcorp was viewed as “a place to be on the day”.

Project Innovation / Need

The “flower wall” portrays texture which plays on shadow and light, while still exuding a simple backdrop to the colour of the flowers and furnishings.

The coloured parquetry floor created movement and flow throughout the open space.

Design Challenge

Our design challenge was to create an environment that evoked a sense of celebration in an artistic, stylish manner. It was essential that the environment didn't look 'temporary' or themed.


Many items were cleverly recycled from previous installments.