Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

Oates - Catch-All Broom

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

The Catch-All Broom for Oates combines a uniquely shaped pull broom, dustpan and small brush which clip together into complete package. The bristles on the pull broom are uniquely shaped to not only effectively sweep the floor but also easily sweep skirting boards.

Project Team




Charlwood Design
Paul Charlwood

Paul Charlwood, Luca Abate and Andrew Howley.

Project Brief

Whilst the longer bristles on common pull brooms allow you to get into corners when cleaning there was a great opportunity to refine the shape of the bristles to clean skirting boards more easily. The unique shape of the broom head was specially designed to clip to a small dustpan and brush set with the innovative space saving design ensuring that it was easy to access whenever you need it.

Project Innovation / Need

• Innovative, easy to clip together 3 in 1 cleaning set.

• Specially shaped broom bristles to easily clean around corners and skirting boards.

• Unique “button” clip to release small brush from dustpan.

• Space saving design.

• Unique, contemporary styling.

Design Challenge

• Create an elegant and innovative alternative to conventional pull brooms.

• Develop a unique shape for the 3 products to easily clip together.

• Develop the unique curved bristles on the broom to assist sweeping hard to reach areas such as skirting boards.

• Ensure the components were durable and easy to use.

• Parts designed to reduce unnecessary material waste.


• Designed with minimal parts and no unnecessary mechanical fasteners.

• Designed for easy assembly and disassembly and recyclability.

• Made from similar, fully recyclable materials.

• Handle removable for recyclability.

• Unique open broom head design to reduce unnecessary bulk and material.