Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

2011 Carey Calendar

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

Using the annual calendar to communicate the spirit of a School community that ranges from Early Childhood to Old Carey Grammarians. The theme of "sharing the experience" powerfully demonstrates the interconnectedness of this community: the life journey individuals have and, in turn, the mentoring they give to develop others.

Project Team


Carey Baptist Grammar School
Peter Robson


Carey Baptist Grammar School
Zeki Cibik

The Community Services team at Carey Baptist Grammar School provided support to Zeki in sourcing the talent, props, archival photos and arranging the shoot.
White Studios did the photo shoot.
Zeki worked with the team to understand the brief, develop the concept and executed the design with the sensitivities and complexities of the entire School community in mind at all times.

Project Brief

The annual calendar communicates the upcoming dates for current parents and students and is an opportunity to highlight the strengths of the School. The concept for the 2011 Calendar cleverly incorporates various members of the School community and the subject areas taught whilst paying tribute to the tangible history of the School through the use of Old Carey Grammarians.

Project Innovation / Need

The design illustrates the various layers in a School community: the students themselves have been selected from Early Childhood to Year 12; the Old Carey Grammarians represent the various subjects on offer at Carey and the careers that these studies can lead to; the warm “sharing of the experience” naturally shows how it takes a “community to raise a child”; the archival photo of the Old Carey Grammarian in the corners shows how the community respects it’s heritage and reminds the reader of how these mentors where also once a student at Carey. All of these values are efficiently conveyed in the one concept and image.

Design Challenge

Developing a concept which covers the complexities of a School community/environment, co-ordinating the Old Carey Grammarians (all who work full time) and students for the photo shoot and incorporating a large volume of calendar dates into the limited space.


Props where sourced using the internal resources of the School, rather than purchasing new materials and the Calendar was printed on Mega Recycled Satin which “demands the highest environment credentials” including FSC Certified: Mixed Sources, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and 50% post consumer waste recycled. Mega Recycled is elemental chlorine free and manufactured at the Gohrsmuhle Mill, who have their own waste water treatment plant.