Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

Monsoon Water Energy Drink

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

The TVC of Monsoon Water Energy Drink reflects social issues, bringing a brand new approach for advertise this type of product. Most important, it satisfied the need of market, having humorous and caring senses in commercial advertisement. Although this project has very low budget, the final quality is good and the interesting content will definitely grab viewer attention by the perfect use of music and visual effects.

Project Team


Paul Douglas


DMM02_RMIT (Brunswick)

Victor Tran: Director, editor, cinematographer
James Timos : Main Actor
Gianluca Caico : Music and cameraman
Michelle Siecris : Secretary, actor
Joel Norton-Smythe :Graphic designer

Project Brief

Produce 2.5 minutes TVC that suitable to display in public places, use the beauty of music to attract people attention and the interesting scenario plus the vivant a talented acting of the main actor to make it easily for people to understand the messages and remember this special drink product.

Project Innovation / Need

Drink bottles, soft drink, spring water, energy drink are always familiar, but this product has new, fresh ideas in it. It called energy drink but actually, in side the cool metal can is water, just water. Water is healthier than soft drink, less expensive than juice and energy drink; the cans can be recycled more times than plastic bottle of spring water and will cheaper than spring water. For the young people, they often looking to new, fresh products (ideas, concepts) this Monsoon energy drink is a cool thing for the Y generation to try, to be different, to be unique and economically forget about spring water inside boring plastic bottle.

Design Challenge

Producing something "new" is a real challenge for drink product. It has to be new way to think, new materials and attracting design for the container. Film environment make it even more difficult to generate a TVC that look different and unique, easy to absorb the message and get people to get involve by those fresh approach for the product, because there are hundred thousand TVC on the media that look the same. The scenario may be "old" but the new thing here is bring the current issues of poverty, homeless people, the way people should treat people no matter they rich or poor. Every body surely has bad day and need others care about them. TCV and advertisement are always produce and bring to you "beautiful, sexy, cool, hot, modern, fashion, current trend" they don't care about people they just want to sale the product, it is not bad, because it is the ways the business runs. However, this TVC ideas care about people , about the environment, making people aware of the way they live with other and the environmental issues of plastic bottles.


-Camera and tripod are borrowed from the school, have been using again and again for 10 years.

-Clothes for the actor buy from Savers, helping the community also saving money.

-Lighting: when filming outside we only use nature lighting condition, did not use flash or strong lamps to lighten the scene.

-The ideas for the water energy drink are support environment sustainability: the water is cheaper than spring water (tap water with heat treat and ozone treat to make sure it is fresh and pure), the metal cans could be recycle more time than plastic bottles.