Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

Patternique Coast Collection

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

The Coast Collection is a range of original soft furnishing fabrics, designed to be enduring and reflect the essence of our Australian lifestyle.

The collection is comprised of 8 co-ordinating designs in 2 colour groupings- Seaside Greens and Shorline Browns.

-Sea Sponge
-Sea Garden

The designs are screen printed on 1400mm wide 100% cotton fabric,
suitable for drapery, cushions and upholstery, in residential, commercial interior, hotel and resort sectors.

Project Team


Patternique + Great Southern Design


Egle Findlay + Sharron Patience

Egle Findlay
Sharron Patience

Project Brief

The Coast collection grew from the desire to create designs that we love, rather than following a trend or seasonal direction. A range that could evolve and not be something that has to be updated every season but could be added to over time.

‘Designs that we would love to have in our own homes’

Inspired by the coastal landscape and environment, our designs strike a harmonious balance of colour and hand drawn elements relevant for todays contemporary living.

Each design has its origins in natural organic forms derived from the delicate patterns on a tiny shell, the contours of pebbles at the waters edge, to the distant undulating horizon line. The colour palette was lifted straight from a visit to the beach. The clear aqua sea, the sunbleached sand and weathered patina of driftwood all draw together and tell a story.

‘A contemporary interior doesn’t mean losing contact with the natural environment’

Project Innovation / Need

Our idea was to create designs that are stylish, affordable, versatile and printed on a good quality fabric.

The designs create a myriad of easy co-ordinating solutions that allow the consumer to express their own individual style.

Consumers are much more design conscious and are seeking out locally designed products. For many it’s wanting to know where the designs have originated from and a sense of the hand made that offers a difference.

Design Challenge

Designed and printed in Australia… How often do you hear these words when discussing the textile industry these days? The importance of establishing the production in Australia was a primary consideration in an effort to support our local manufacturing industry.

The majority of textile printing is done overseas, so having the benefit of a printer in Melbourne enabled us to oversee the whole printing and production process.

Collaboration with David Marks of Great Southern Design and Radford Furnishings, enabled us to bring this project to fruition. The philosophy behind Great Southern Design is to produce great Australian designs and promote the talented designers that created them.

Radford Furnishings is the sole Australian distributor of Great Southern Design fabrics.


The screen printing is produced in short runs allowing for a low impact approach to manufacturing with quick response times, reduced freight and transport costs and lower carbon miles.

Sustainability is incredibly important. “It’s the way we want to live our lives…. to tread lightly on this planet”.