Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

Digital Pictures playing cards

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

It was holiday season and we felt playful. We wanted to market this sense of play to our clients and invite them play with us/the brand. What better way to engage strategic play than with a deck of playing cards!

Project Team


John Fleming
Digital Pictures Melbourne


Omnilab Media Melbourne Design (for Digital Pictures)
Ella Mitchell

Producer - Ella Mitchell
Head of Design - Stephen Van Elst
Motion Designer - Ben Alpass

Project Brief

As a design company we wanted to market our creative offer in a playful and engaging way to our clients.

Many of our clients work tirelessly for long hours with our colour graders, editors, animators and designers.

We decided that a beautiful deck of playing cards would assist clients in enjoying their time with us and in their own time, on holidays, with their families and friends.

Ben Alpass was charged with the creation of 54 small beautiful pieces of art that people would love to look at, play with and treasure. An elegant and playful brands communication device – and one that asks the user to “be our creative playmate and partner".

Project Innovation / Need

Because it is a challenge to find a communications piece that falls under a $10 unit price and one that will be retained and used by the business partner or potential client, brand marketing collateral is largely repetitive: a calendar, a pen, a USB stick, a mouse pad etc.

We wanted to find a beautiful point of difference and we did. It has been our most talked about piece of marketing to date. We have also distributed it at a national event and was told it was the most asked after/talked about item at this event. (SPAA Fringe SYD).

Design Challenge

Time was the biggest challenge on this project. The challenge was to create a unique and beautiful card deck – 54 pieces of art, in only a few days!


Our company was involved in the visual realization of the first (and subsequent) ‘Black Balloons’ campaign for Sustainability Victoria.

This campaign received well-deserved attention when Al Gore was quoted praising the ad and the campaign in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper in 2006.

From this time our company has become mindful of sustainability in the everyday. From bike to work days to our use of power and recycling programs.

Using a paper product over a plastic or other marketing product was a factor in the direction of this brand collateral item. The deck of cards was printed on 300 GSM Silk Matte, FSC Certified, by a company also certified under ISO14001 environmental management system.