Melbourne Design Awards - City Design Awards

AAMI Park Stadium, Melbourne

Melbourne Design Awards 2010 - Winner

Project Overview

This visually compelling and content driven facade was the winner of a competition to design artistic content for the Melbourne AAMI Park Stadium project. The LED feature lighting scheme to the façade of the stadium exceeded the judging panel’s expectations of what could be achieved for both stadium architecture and the Melbourne public.

Electrolight approached the design from a conceptual point of view, considering the sporting, historical and cultural contexts surrounding the stadium. Located in the heart of Melbourne's sporting precinct the scheme was designed to create a visual and metaphorical link to the surrounding precincts; Arts, Gardens and CBD.

Project Team


Major Projects Victoria
Cristina De Pellegrin


Electrolight Pty Ltd
Rachel Burke

Major Projects Victoria - Project Manager
Melbourne Olympics Park Trust - Custodian
Cox Architects - Project Architect
Electrolight - Lighting Design
Lightmoves - Lighting Supplier
Arup - Engineers
Bruce Myles and Bruce Ramus - Project appointed artists. Electrolight was responsible for the appointment of the original collaborating content artists.

Project Brief

Electrolight explored several facade options in renders resulting in the final LED array of 1544 custom designed and locally manufactured RGB 12W fixtures located at each intersection of the facade. The nodal scheme replaced a flood light proposal and solved significant problems asscoiated with sky glow, high energy consumption and maintenance regimes.

Electrolight undertook a series of workshops to develop content for the lighting scheme that would show what could be programmed. Simultaneously, we evolved the custom LED fixture, testing various nodal layouts and conducting site trials on scaffolding that supported the emerging stadium.

The scheme was developed to be a “living design” on a public building that can be updated with new content generated by community artists from all genres. An egalitarian sense of public ownership was an integral part of the design intention from inception. We provided the schematics for data control and content delivery utilising fibre optic technology for high speed data transmission. The LED fixtures can be individually and remotely programmed with an innumerable variety of colour and movement sequences that can be stand alone programmes or be themed to celebrate events and occasions.

Recently awarded the National IES award for Excellence, the result is a breathtaking lighting scheme that connects the events within the stadium to the Melbourne public and provides an iconic Melbourne building to enhance the sporting precinct.

Project Innovation / Need

1544 custom designed and locally manufactured RGB LED 12W fixtures cover the façade and integrate fully with the geodesic structure of the architectural form. Utilising this highly efficient, long life luminaire, the scheme offers all the associated benefits of advanced lighting technology with minimum contribution to light pollution.

In collaboration with suppliers we were responsible for the development of an enhanced performance custom LED luminaire. Total power consumption per luminaire does not exceed 12 Watts delivering three times the candela, at peak intensity, of the original fixture.

Design Challenge

This project is a dynamic example of excellent collaborative process, producing an iconic and memorable design as required by the client brief. We took responsibility for the coordination and appointment of the original content artists to our team. We were integral in driving the collaborative process from inception to completion with multiple design team members and more than one client body.

A primary challenge was the innovative revelation of facade in a engaging and sustainable manner - we did not want to 'floodlight' a white facade with a uniform blanket coverage. We sought to respond to the intricate structure and deliver a 24 hour experience of the stadium - one that changed from day to night.

The flexibility of the design was a particular challenge. We wanted to ensure that the lighting acted as a palette for exploration and experimentation by others but retained an integrity and consistency of high quality aesthetic.


Impressive energy usage results are achieved with only 0.25W/sqm consumption over the entire facade. Lamp life of 50,000 hours passes on savings to the client in terms of maintenance and replacement given the difficulties of aerial access.

A white light scheme had been originally proposed by others that used approximately 40KW of pole mounted flood light to the white facade. The LED scheme uses less than half of this amount of energy even running at full capacity.

A custom designed bracket suspends the IP67 luminaire above the water flow in the gutters, allowing all available water catchment to be channelled to storage tanks and used on the stadium grass.

Direct illuminance calculations were produced for 10 metre increments up to 50 metres around the stadium to 2 metres from the ground. At 50 metres offset only 2.5 lux was measured as contribution from the scheme to the night environment, resulting in the minimum contribution to the night sky.